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Unified Shipping

By integrating with a customer on the sales order or fulfillment level, Pangea easily consolidates multiple orders going to the same location, reduces data entry, and eliminates the need to manually enter invoice details. Pangea also streamlines your shipment workflow while saving costs. How? By helping you choose the best carrier, consolidating shipments, and increasing efficiency.


Innovative Trasportation Software

Using Pipeline, shippers can compare carrier quotes side by side, generate bills of lading and shipping labels, create electronic pickup requests, view shipment statuses, and give you an option of integrating into your existing ERP. Pipeline also allows Third Party Logistics Companies (3PLs) to quickly rate, execute, and track shipments, leaving more time for you to focus on compliance, claims, and value-added services.


Logistics and Project Management

A project-based, PO-driven management system, HIVE tightly integrates transportation and warehousing, allowing you to manage multiple vendors and POs for a project. HIVE also gives customers, project managers, and vendors the specific level of visibility they need. The entire life cycle can be managed and tracked from HIVE, and the system can be designed to match your unique brand.

Power Technology at your fingertips

Our suite of platforms gives your company the technology it needs to ensure your supply chain has maximum visibility and efficiency. Prologue’s solutions will simplify, consolidate, and integrate your existing shipping processes and systems into a more efficient and effective transportation management program. With greater efficiency and visibility, your company will reduce the time and expense currently associated with your supply chain. The result? More time spent on your customers, your core business, and your bottom line, and less time spent on transportation management.

If our current product line doesn’t meet your transportation management needs, let us know. Our team can create a custom solution that delivers exactly what you need: a high-performing supply chain, transportation management, and logistics program that will take your company to the next level.



You invest in technology to help your company grow, so your technology should grow with you. Prologue’s suite of platforms scales with you as your transportation management and logistics needs grow.