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About Prologue Technology

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The best shipping and logistics solutions start with technology.

In fact, that’s where we got our name. By focusing on technology from the very beginning, tasks become easier and outcomes improve, from point A to point B and every step in between. Prologue Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of Flat World Global Solutions, a transportation logistics company.

Our Technology


Our proprietary Transportation Management System (or TMS), Pipeline makes parcel and less-than-truckload shipments easy, from finding the best carrier to tracking cargo along its journey. Pipeline also provides shippers with better visibility into their supply chain data, allowing for deeper reporting, smarter insights and faster decisions.


For high-volume shippers, Pangea integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) to automate processes and cut down order fulfillment time. Pangea eliminates the need for manual data entry (and potential errors), so dock teams can supercharge productivity and put warehouse operations into express mode.


Hive takes care of all the details surrounding construction and renovation in hospitality, senior living, higher education and commercial spaces. Providing visibility into everything from purchase orders to installation and invoicing, project management is simple and automated with Hive.

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