Logistics and Project Management

Manage assets, meet deliver-by's, exceed expectations

  • Save Time
  • Boost Productivity
  • Consolidate Shipments
  • Increase Profitability

A PO-Driven Project-Management System Designed for You

HIVE is a project-based, PO-driven project-management system that tightly integrates transportation and warehousing. The software allows you to manage multiple vendors for a single project, along with managing all POs from supplier to the jobsite. HIVE gives users the tools to easily follow up with vendors, and centralizes all notes and communication. The system is also configured to give customers, project managers, and vendors the visibility they need and can be designed to match the customer’s unique brand.

By using HIVE, customers can manage the entire lifecycle of a project, including bid management, PO management, inbound shipments, warehousing, outbound delivery, installation, and invoicing. If you’re renovating or building a hotel, adding franchise stores, building or renovating an assisted living facility, or have any need for project-based warehousing, HIVE is the project-management system designed for your specific needs.

Plug Into A Power Shipment API Set

All of Prologue’s software platforms, including HIVE, are designed to integrate with your existing ERP. Access to the API allows you to gain the increased efficiency and cost-saving benefits of HIVE, while still using technology your team relies on.

We'll Demo it for you

Sign up for a demo today, and we’ll show you how you can use HIVE to do the type of lifecycle project management your company needs. With HIVE, you can implement a technology-enabled efficient approach to project management, allowing you to spend more time on your bottom line.